Zoom Let Me Sleep│Herbal Tea Blend
Zoom Let Me Sleep│Herbal Tea Blend

Let Me Sleep│Herbal Tea Blend

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Specially formulated to Calm your Body & Mind

Nurture your health & wellness with a restful evening and deep sleep. Drinking warm herbal tea before bedtime can help you unwind & is one of the most relaxing routines to help you slip into a sweet slumber. 

Try it for yourself & experience the calming feeling that 'Let Me Sleep' brings with every sip.


Loose Tea Herbal Blend:

Oatstraw soothes the nervous system, stabilizes blood sugar & relieves depression. 
Lemon Balm helps relieve stress, improves sleep, supports brain health & alleviates digestive problems.
Chamomile can ease symptoms of anxiety & depression, it has anti-cancer properties, and can offer the same benefits as taking an aspirin or ibuprofen.
Lavender stabilizes one's mood & nervous system, Improves sleep, balances the immune system & relieves pain.
Passionflower helps with insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, pain, and more.
Nettle is a vitamin and mineral storehouse & is highly nutritive.
Cinnamon is flavorful & is good for your heart health. Helps to ease pain & inflammation - the antioxidants in cinnamon tea also help to fight against free radicals.


Sealed craft pouch with 1-1/3 cups of loose tea.

Always Pure & Organic!

Handmade with Love in the USA


The Maker:

Tulipan Herbals began in a garden, fostered by a love of nature cultivated for many years. Her profound understanding of the unique gifts ​that plants offer us turned into a lifelong passion. Tulipan takes special care to provide you with products made with the highest quality ingredients available following traditional recipes that have supported healing for hundreds of years. All her products are filled with love and positive intention!

Let Me Sleep│Herbal Tea Blend




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