Spiritual growth is a lifelong journey.

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The GOOD VIBRATIONS SHOP is a labor of Love. Our mission is to bring happiness into your world by offering handcrafted artisan products that revolve around well-being to support self-love, self-care & spiritual growth. 

We do hope you find something that calls to you and inspires you on your journey.

We are pleased to offer products that promote living in harmony with each other and our Earth.

Hi, I'm Judy, and welcome to all that I am passionate about!

I've been aware of a creative passion stirring inside me since long before I was old enough to name it. To get here, at this moment, I've had to make a few stops along the way; but every step, every twist, and turn has been fueled by my desire to create, motivate, and inspire others by sharing my passion.

I moved to Germany when I was 25 to marry my future spouse, and while I'm no longer married and Germany is no longer my home, it will always hold a special place in my heart.– it's where I raised my girls and where I built my first business in 2001, handcrafting fine leather jewelry and accessories.

When I got divorced in 2009, I had to leave my business behind. I returned to NYC, and I promised myself that I would only do things that made my heart sing from now on. Being with my girls brought me so much joy, and so had my business. 

With a lot of hard work and even more love, I rebuilt my life and livelihood. But, even more importantly, I kept my promise to myself. Change is hard, and so is loss, and my journey was certainly not always easy, but by 2012 I had turned my passion, my desire to create pieces imbued with love and intention, into a self-sustaining business. I was elated. 

I was sure I'd found my purpose while living my best life. So in 2017, when the pain in my hands became so unbearable, and I realized that I would have to give up my business, my passion, or risk doing irreparable damage, the sense of loss was overwhelming. For the second time in so many years, my life as I knew it had ended. 

I will forever be grateful for the love and support of my daughters, friends, and community - for all those who held space for me while I found my way back to myself again. I was in a dark place, but it is often in the darkness that we find our Light. I dove deep into my spiritual practice, surrendering to what was. And it was through that surrender I found my path forward.

Which is how we ended up here. My journey to self-love and healing brought clarity along with it. It took me three years to find my way again, and here's what I learned:

• Love and gratitude (both very, very "Good Vibrations!") have the power to heal and change the world.

•Our spiritual practices are very personal, but many of the tools available to assist us in harnessing and directing our energy are universal. 

•There is so much information about spiritual practice, mindfulness, and other paths that help us bring our shadows into the Light and find peace, and sorting through all that information to determine what works best for you can be overwhelming!

Spirituality is a lifelong journey, and my path still has many twists and turns. But though the landscape looks much different, the direction itself hasn't changed much. I still want to help others find their joy, and my hope with Good Vibrations is that I may be able to help you find your way a little bit easier than I did. 

Through my own personal journey, I've waded in the muck, sifted through the piles, and found tools that I believe are accessible to everyone and have the potential to support immense healing. I share these tools here with you in hopes that they may help you find your path to self-care and self-love, too!



All items we select to carry in our shop, whether handcrafted by ourselves or by other amazing artists, were lovingly created with you in mind!

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