Creative Mindfulness

Thoughtfully curated, The GOOD VIBRATIONS SHOP brings you tools for a mindful lifestyle lovingly handcrafted by socially conscious, eco-friendly talented artisans & makers (Including us!) who are passionate about their craft and mission.

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Our Very own, handmade by us!

Enter the flow, be in the moment! Smudge Bundles, Ritual Kits & Crystals to assist you in Manifesting your Intentions!

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High Vibe Books + Journals + Tarot + Affirmations Cards

Uncover the divine within you with these high vibe tools.

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Mindful Kid's Collection

Inspire your child’s inner journey that empowers, teaches & encourages self-love and awareness.

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High Vibe Art Prints

Meaningful art to match your mindful lifestyle.

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Kits + Rituals

Sacred Ritual Kits to Invite Balance and Abundance Into Your Life

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Incense + Holders

High-quality fragrance blends, for a balanced ritualistic experience!

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Aromatherapy + Essential Oils

Bring balance to your mind, body and life.

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Candles + Diffusers

Sacred scents for uplifting your favorite spaces.

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Soaps + Bath Bombs & Salts

Cleanse both your Body & Spirit!

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Seeds of Love

Plant seeds with kindness and harvest a Garden of Love!

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Mantra Jewels

Give positive power to each of your moments by wearing your Manta Jewelry!

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Dog Care

Pamper your furbabies as you would pamper yourself!

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Blessings & Blooms

Palo Santo Florals

Raise your vibration, while tuning into peace and groundedness.


Good Vibes Encourage Connectivity

Along with Our Very Own / Handmade by Us Collection, the Good Vibrations Shop is mindfully curated to bring you the finest handcrafted products from carefully selected, conscious-based small companies. All of which are sure to bring you joy by encouraging and supporting you on your journey—a lovely collection of 'enlightened' goods that help you appreciate the small pleasures in life.

While many businesses are solely interested in getting you to buy what they're selling, we're focused on delivering you products that are worth purchasing. In addition, we believe in assisting other talented creators because we are creatives ourselves. As a result, all available products are meticulously handcrafted by artisans dedicated to their trade and mission.  

Manifest your Dreams

Feel Divinely Protected!

With our eye catching Evil Eye Bracelets

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