Zoom Palo Santo Floral⎮ Pastel
Zoom Palo Santo Floral⎮ Pastel

Palo Santo Floral⎮ Pastel

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Cleanse Your Energy, Find Your Calm, & Deepen Your Connection To The Divine With Palo Santo!

PALO SANTO is one of the most fragrant woods globally and has been used for centuries for healing and protection. It can help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. It has the gift to purify the air, objects, spaces & yourself, attract positive energy, clear negative energy, help relax the body & mind, and bring physical & spiritual healing.

Smudging with Palo Santo is a lovely method to clear negative energy, restore balance, and invite positivity into your space. Its peaceful aroma and spiritual purifying properties make it ideal for meditation, daily mindfulness rituals, or simply maintaining serenity in your environment.

*Our Palo Santo wood is certified organic and sourced entirely from natural Peruvian trees. (No trees or forests were damaged in the collection of these sticks.) Its pleasant citrus scent with frankincense undertones induces sensations of tranquility, clarity, and calmness.

Information card included

The Bundle is tied with a natural twine cord.

*!!! Because of the handmade nature of this product, each piece is beautifully unique, and the colorful dried flowers used vary (as in the examples pictured).

If you have a special request concerning color(s), this item is made to order - feel free to send me a message, and I will do my best to fulfill your wish.

Our products are handcrafted with the utmost care, love, and beautiful intentions!

•All of our products come carefully packaged and ready to gift as pictured.

•The Bundle is ca. 4 inches long

Palo Santo Floral⎮ Pastel




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