Zoom Trust Your Intuition⎮Ritual Kit
Zoom Trust Your Intuition⎮Ritual Kit
Zoom Trust Your Intuition⎮Ritual Kit

Trust Your Intuition⎮Ritual Kit

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Trust Your Intuition! Have you ever known something deep inside you but didn’t know how you knew it? That's your Intuition speaking to you!
Intuition is seeing with the soul.
Your Manifest Ritual Kit Includes:
• Lapis Lazuli (The stone of inner wisdom)
• Sage Smudge (To purify you & your space)
• Kyanite (Sharpens Intuion)
• Selenite Wand (helps you access your intuition & cleanse your crystals)
• Heart Charm (Intuition is a message from your heart! )
• Ritual Feather (To guide the smoke from your Sage Smudge)
• Safety Matches
• Thoughtful Instructions
We've included a complete guide on using and getting the most out of your kit! This makes it the perfect gift for anyone & especially for those who are not familiar with the power of crystals and the process of spiritual cleansing.
❤ *Please Note: Depending on the types of dried flowers available, they may vary from what is pictured, but the colors are always the same, & we promise you they are always beautiful!

Trust Your Intuition⎮Ritual Kit




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