Zoom Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit
Zoom Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit

Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit

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Be prepared for the next Mercury Retrograde starting on Jan. 14th, ending Feb. 3rd!

Be so aligned that not even Mercury Retrograde can phase you! This Ritual Kit consists of the perfect tools to help you reach a state of peace that even Mercury retrograde can't shake! Optimal for enhancing intuition, luck, and protecting yourself in preparation for the year's most unpleasant planetary cycle.

This Ritual Kit comes with:

Gold Candle for attraction, charm, confidence, and protection

Black Candle for protection and banishing negativity

Lemongrass Essential Oil used to represent Mercury and psychic awareness

Black Tourmaline for protection and grounding

Labradorite for psychic protection and amplification of healing properties

Quartz Crystal as the "Master Healer" to enhance positive vibes

Mini Lavender Bouquet for peace, purification, sleep, clarity, and protection. Lavender is also an herb that represents Mercury.

California White Sage Stick for purification and cleansing. Cultivated sustainably from private land or farmed in Southern California.

Holy Palo Santo Wood from South America for sealing in good energies and welcoming positivity. Our palo santo is harvested from naturally fallen branches in Ecuador. Our supplier reforests with their local government.

Instructions, printed on 100% recycled paper.

Turkey Feather to aid in wafting the purified smoke. Our feathers are upcycled with a scrap leather handle.

Every delicate article in the kit is carefully packed inside a pillow box. Included are detailed information on using each piece effectively and instructions for a simple, personal ritual. The Instructions are printed on 100% recycled paper. An excellent gift for yourself or loved ones.


The Maker:

Launched in 2010, J. Southern Studio is a woman-owned and operated design house that creates specialized adornment and wellness objects intended to help connect, manifest and align with the energies around us. 

The Ritual Collection is one that, through ceremony and ritual, celebrates our ancient past, awakens our curiosities, reconnects us to the Earth, and encourages manifestation through meditation.

All of the components in the Ritual Kits, from the Earth-born minerals to our essential oils, are thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from its people or place of origin. For example, the herbs and flowers are cultivated on small local farms, and our varied sage comes from two areas: an organic sage farm and from an Indigenous friend who wild crafts and wishes to share healing tools with the world. Likewise, the Palo Santo is fair-trade from an association in Ecuador that works to reforest, educate, and provide income for their community.

Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit




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