Zoom New Beginnings⎮Ritual Kit
Zoom New Beginnings⎮Ritual Kit
Zoom New Beginnings⎮Ritual Kit

New Beginnings⎮Ritual Kit

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Our Clearing Ritual Kit Includes:
• Amethyst (Offers everything you need for a fresh start)
• Selenite Wand (Offers a myriad of benefits)
• Palo Santo (To invite positive energy)
• Mix Bundle of Juniper & Sage (To cleanse your environment)
• Ritual Feather (To direct the smoke while smudging)
• Keepsake Charm ("Life is a Beautiful Ride")
• Safety Matches
• Thorough Instructions & Thoughts

Included is a complete guide on using and getting the most out of your kit! This makes it the perfect gift for anyone & especially for those who are not familiar with the power of crystals and the process of spiritual cleansing ❤

*Please note: Depending on the types of dried flowers available, each bundle may differ slightly, but the colors are always as pictured. We do our very best to make & ship you bundles that look the same as photographed … and we promise they are ALWAYS beautiful!

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Life's new beginnings offer opportunities for expansion, change, and transformation, and they almost always require us to step outside of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves in new ways.

Starting something new can be thrilling and intimidating, whether it involves relocating, starting a new job, creating a new relationship, or pursuing a new personal objective. Although this may be frightening, it is through these experiences that we can discover our full potential and attain our goals.
The beautiful thing about New beginnings is that it gives us a renewed focus through a fresh perspective and leave behind what no longer serves us. It offers us renewed energy as it is an abundant source of empowerment toward a new purpose! Not to mention learning opportunities and growth by forcing us to emerge out of our comfort zone. It allows us to overcome challenges by conquering possible difficulties, but the reward is gaining confidence. New Beginnings give us a sense of pride and satisfaction in our achievements, especially if it's something that we never did before!

We hope this New Beginnings Ritual Kit offers uplifting support on your new journey!

New Beginnings⎮Ritual Kit




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