Zoom Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck
Zoom Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck
Zoom Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck
Zoom Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck
Zoom Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck
Zoom Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck

Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck

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The 'Shadow Seeker Shadow Work Deck' is meant to help you identify areas that may need healing within you, to empower you to begin a journey inward and get curious about your inner world.


This Deck is centered around and inspired by Carl Jung's theoretical model of the psyche. In analytical psychology, the "Shadow" is an unconscious aspect of the personality that has not been brought to awareness (such as destructive patterns). It may also refer to an individual's subconscious as a whole. This kind of work – diving into the subconscious – is commonly referred to as "shadow work."

The key elements in this Deck are prompts, reflections, and exercises meant to increase mindfulness and self-awareness.

It features several helpful therapeutic exercises which mainly involve journaling and encouraging topics such as:
• self-exploration
• Coping with difficult emotions/self-soothing
• Identifying your relationship with specific emotions
• Identifying triggers
• Increasing self-awareness
• Getting to the root of issues that may be causing you feelings of shame, guilt, or anger.

Each card also gives more context and detailed information behind the exercises and ideas explored in the Deck.

Relationship patterns, understanding your triggers, emotional regulation, family dynamics — all this and more is explored in the Shadow Seeker. Each card is thoughtfully designed to help you gain insight and deepen your understanding of yourself and your subconscious. The Deck also doubles as a "game" has an (optional) built-in game mode for those who want a structured approach to shadow work. Track progress, develop self-care habits and uncover your unique Shadow Seeker Persona.

• Size 3.5 x 5.5 inches
• 37 total cards
• 90 engaging prompts that vary from journaling to crafting to quiet reflection.
• Includes game piece, game mat, and 20-page booklet.
• Packaged in a paper tuck box.

Made in the USA


The Maker:

Vox Intra, which loosely translates to "inner voice" in Latin, is a brand of goods meant to let your most authentic self shine. 

Karolina, owner and creator of 'Vox Intra,' is a storyteller and e-commerce marketer who loves to empower others to understand and love themselves inside and out. She came to the US from Poland with her family as a child, and her immigrant experience has contributed significantly to her passion for small business, hard work, and thoughtfully-made products. Karolina specializes in card decks that feature prompts and therapeutic exercises to assist users in tackling emotional and mental health challenges such as break-ups, shadow work, codependency, processing emotions, and nurturing your relationship with your Self. Her journey has inspired her decks, and she is constantly exploring new ideas that encourage growth, self-acceptance, and wellness.

Shadow Seeker⎮Shadow Work Deck




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